Within You the Answer is…

March 28, 2014
iVantage Health

Shelley Burns, Vice President

I scoured YodaQuotes.net (yes, it’s a real web site!) and could not find this quote, but doesn’t it seem like something Yoda must have said to Luke Skywalker when he was struggling to learn the way of the Jedi?

My non-quote and the Yoda/Skywalker relationship reminded me of healthcare.  Yoda was trying to get Luke to believe that he had the Force within him to enact powerful change.

I can imagine what you are thinking ” Really? I’m struggling to keep my hospital afloat; my reimbursements are being squeezed; I have to demonstrate my value; I’m standing on the shifting sands of unknown new payment and care delivery models. I have “the Force”?

Yes, you do.  Right inside your four walls.  It’s your most important asset in this turbulent world of healthcare ” it’s your clinicians and staff.TM 

Every day, I learn about great things that frontline staff are doing in healthcare when I witness their participation and collaboration on INFORM KnowledgeWeb. From the OB unit in a small rural hospital efficiently calling-in extra staff with a group-text to the community hospital who demonstrated they had the force to eliminate ventilator-acquired pneumonia, the field-tested lessons surface to share with others striving to improve.

Your staff ” all of your staff ” can be engaged in improving processes, costs, quality and outcomes for your hospital. Frontline solutions often cost less, are implemented more smoothly and produce a better result because the people closest to the issue have the most knowledge about how to fix it. Added bonus? By encouraging all staff to problem-solve and innovate, you grow your organizational capacity for change and improvement, just what you need to thrive in the new healthcare.

While searching for “Within you the answer is”, I did find another Yoda quote that embodies the KnowledgeWeb ” “Always pass on what you have learned.” Healthcare does this implicitly ” providers and staff are always eager to share and collaborate.

Join us. Tell your story. Believe in your Force and they will do amazing things for you and for healthcare.

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