As a fully integrated component of iVantage Performance Manager, the iVantage Playbook module helps leadership align efforts and drive results by tracking, measuring, and monitoring performance improvement initiatives. Playbook drives accountability and action by providing visibility and insight into the organization’s performance improvement execution.

What Sets Playbook Apart?


Icon_MarketIntelligence_ScenarioBasedForecastingGenerate and cascade goals across facilities and functions to meet strategic objectives and financial needs. Based on opportunities identified, current financial projections and strategic needs, users can set goals on an annual and budget-year basis.


Icon_Solutions_PerformanceManager_MulitpleViewsPromote engagement, action and accountability by enabling staff to create objectives and timelines, assign accountability and view performance progress for their department.


Icon_MarketIntelligence_RobustReportingDevelop a customized work plan with milestones based on leading performance improvement methodologies and reflecting client-specific performance improvement approaches.


Icon_Solutions_PerformanceManager_UserExperienceMonitor initiatives and adjust or intervene based on real-time views into performance against plans and progress toward goals.

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