iVantage Performance Manager™ is an integrated performance management platform that drives results by helping organizations assess and benchmark current performance; identify areas of opportunity for improvement; collaborate to set meaningful targets; create, track and manage initiatives; and engage with others to share best practices through a peer-to-peer community. iVantage Performance Manager is built on top of the industry’s most accurate, relevant and transparent data foundation and is supported by an unrivaled service model that creates engagement, buy-in and confidence.

Performance Manager goes well beyond benchmarking to deliver new insights, and enable organizations to take action and achieve next-level performance improvement through:

  • Accuracy: iVantage’s proprietary data mapping process and exacting methodology provides accuracy that is unmatched in the industry.
  • Integration: Integration of clinical, cost and quality benchmarks within one platform enables users to understand the connectedness of clinical and operational drivers of overall cost performance.
  • Client Service: High-touch, personalized and collaborative, our model promotes trust, engagement and user buy-in throughout the client organization.
  • Actionability: iVantage Playbook drives accountability and action by providing visibility and insight into performance improvement execution.

At every level of the organization, Performance Manager provides insights and access to knowledge and tools that help move the needle on performance. Tailored landing pages support users in their performance improvement journey, and intuitive drill downs and analytic pathways provide the additional detail and insight to understand, identify and manage improvement opportunities.

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What Sets Performance Manager Apart?

Icon_Solutions_PerformanceManager_RigorousDataMappingRigorous Data Mapping: Our comparative data is better because we map differently. iVantage’s proprietary data mapping process and exacting methodology provides accuracy that is unmatched in the industry.


Icon_Solutions_PerformanceManager_SeamlessNavigationSeamless Navigation between Clinical and Operational Data: Integrated reporting helps users understand the interconnectedness of clinical and operational drivers of overall cost performance.


Icon_Solutions_PerformanceManager_ClientServiceSuperior Client Service: Our high-touch client service model promotes user engagement, trust and buy-in. This leads to a materially greater probability of realized organizational improvement.


Icon_Solutions_PerformanceManager_CorporateAllocationsCorporate Allocations: Distinguishing between corporate and shared services costs, and outsourced expenses allows users to evaluate separately or based on allocation to individual sites.


Icon_Solutions_PerformanceManager_MulitpleViewsMultiple Views: Our reporting analyzes performance and opportunity at the corporate, region and facility level, enabling senior administrators to set goals and targets at any level of the organization.


Icon_Solutions_PerformanceManager_PeerCollaborationTimely and Effective Peer Collaboration: Our KnowledgeWeb® community provides access to the latest industry thought leadership and supports networking among peers.


Icon_Solutions_PerformanceManager_UserExperienceInsight-driven User Experience: Landing pages are tailored to meet the needs of the user and are easy to navigate, surfacing key insights for further detailed analysis.


Icon_Solutions_PerformanceManager_ClientServicePerformance Management and Tracking: iVantage Playbook enables users to create, track and manage initiatives by establishing goals, assigning timelines and accountability, and reporting on progress.

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