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iVantage Market Intelligence is a strategic market intelligence platform that translates insights into actions, driving thoughtful strategic decision-making. Market Intelligence is built on the industry’s “gold standard” data sources and delivers the most meaningful metrics through market leading dynamic visualizations.

This cloud-based solution combines rapid visualization of data using full-scale GIS with reports engineered to address key strategic issues. Featuring more than a dozen standard map layers, Market Intelligence’s powerful functionality and flexible features help hospitals solve some of today’s most challenging issues and define their next steps.

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Quick and pain-free GIS mapping

Customizable map layers

Flexible reporting

Next level demographics

Current state and federal data sets

Respository of 100+ market reports

Make Data-driven Planning Decisions

What Sets Market Intelligence Apart?

The answer goes beyond sophisticated solution features and functionality, and really gets to the heart of how advanced analytics can help drive new levels of performance improvement across every department of a hospital or larger health system. It’s our secret sauce and we’re not shy about sharing the recipe.

  • Current, actionable market intelligence
  • Customized mapping and report capabilities
  • Ready access to current market share and competitor locations
  • Detailed demographics and consumer behavior patterns


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