INVISION Market Viewer® transforms how you interact with market-related metrics, turning spreadsheets into dynamic visualizations of key indicators like market penetration, Medicare spend, population health and lifestyle segmentation. Hospitals and health systems leverage INVISION for:

  • Strategic planning
  • Competitive analysis
  • Partnerships, and M&A initiatives
  • Identifying growth and expansion opportunities
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Easy-to-build interactive maps

Customizable map layers

Flexible reporting

Detailed demographic data

Robust public data sets

Make Data-driven Planning Decisions

What Sets INVISION Apart?

The answer goes beyond sophisticated solution features and functionality, and really gets to the heart of how advanced analytics can help drive new levels of performance improvement across every department of a hospital or larger health system. It’s our secret sauce and we’re not shy about sharing the recipe.

  • Up-to-date market-based metrics to create interactive maps
  • Ability to customize map layers transforms how you see your market
  • Improved understanding of the impact of convenient care providers in your market
  • Detailed demographic and health factor data improves what how you see your population


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