For many hospitals, negotiating managed care contracts is challenging — with the payors in the drivers’ seat and the hospitals having little perspective on how their facility is paid relative to their peers.

The payors possess most if not all of the data, leaving hospital executives to make educated guesses about where their facility sits in the competitive landscape.

INCONTROL Contract Optimizer provides you with the insights needed to understand how well you are being paid and how those rates compare to those of their peers.

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Identify below-market pricing

Quantify revenue gaps

Measure contract and service line pricing

Determine areas of risk and volatility

Getting More Out of Payor Relationships

What Sets INCONTROL Apart?

The answer goes beyond sophisticated solution features and functionality, and really gets to the heart of how advanced analytics can help drive new levels of performance improvement across every department of a hospital or larger health system. It’s our secret sauce and we’re not shy about sharing the recipe.

  • Intuitive, visual interface promotes end user engagement
  • Data aggregated in strict compliance with Federal guidelines and regulations
  • Drill-down capabilities provide greater visibility into factors impacting revenue
  • Expert analysts ready to help optimize understanding of data


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