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iVantage Performance Manager is a benchmarking and performance management tool that helps hospitals and health systems identify and prioritize opportunities for operational, clinical and cost management improvement.

With exceptional accuracy and detail, Performance Manager analyzes performance over time and in comparison to affiliated entities, industry peers and self-selected cohorts. This unique solution helps hospital and health system leadership teams answer key operational strategic questions such as:

  • How am I performing?
  • Where is my opportunity?
  •  Am I making progress?
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“Benchmarking allows us to understand the levers we need to pull to be successful going forward.”


Apples to apples comparisons

Corporate allocations

Multiple views

Seamless navigation from clinical to operational

Timely and effective peer collaboration

Physician Office Performance Manager

Performance Benchmarking Done Right

What Sets Performance Manager Apart?

The answer goes beyond sophisticated solution features and functionality, and really gets to the heart of how advanced analytics can help drive new levels of performance improvement across every department of a hospital or larger health system. It’s our secret sauce and we’re not shy about sharing the recipe.

  • Rigorous, transparent and collaborative data mapping
  • Intuitive and insight-driven user interface
  • Seamless navigation between clinical and operational benchmarks
  • Personalized and dedicated client service


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