Introducing iVantage Performance Manager – an integrated performance management platform that goes beyond benchmarking to help hospital and health system leaders align efforts, promote accountability and drive results. Performance Manager is engineered to help hospitals and health systems answer the four key questions of Performance Management:

  1. How am I performing?
  2. Where are my opportunities?
  3. How do I improve?
  4. Am I making progress?

Built on top of the industry’s most accurate, relevant and transparent data foundation, it provides an intuitive, powerful and unrivaled user experience and is supported by a service model that creates buy-in, confidence and engagement.

Give us 20 minutes and let us show you how the industry’s only integrated performance management platform can drive results by helping your team:

  • Assess and benchmark your current performance
  • Identify opportunities for improvement
  • Set meaningful targets
  • Create, track and manage initiatives
  • Engage with others to learn from peer experiences

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