iVantage Reimbursement Analyzer™ is a contract analytics and benchmarking tool built to enable hospitals to enter negotiations knowing exactly how their revenue compares to their peers – by service line – and by contract – so they never leave money on the table. It provides a powerful lens into contract performance that eliminates traditional analytical challenges, reduces resource capacity constraints, and drives better negotiation outcomes through a data-centric approach.

This SaaS solution highlights current impact of utilization shifts, separates rate from volume growth to objectively measure performance, and quantifies contracting opportunities within a facility as well as across a system so negotiators are prepared for optimal contract discussions.

iVantage Reimbursement Analyzer is the industry’s first solution to bring all payor, all patient, and all payment-related data together in a single application. Easy to use and flexible, Reimbursement Analyzer is the ideal diagnostic tool for hospitals seeking to ensure optimal return on managed care contracts and to navigate emerging models such as healthcare exchanges, Medicaid expansion and high deductible plans.

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What Sets Reimbursement Analyzer Apart?

Composite and Detail Views: Captures volume, charges, payment, case mix index, length of stay, net to gross payment ratios, and rate/volume separation impact.


Icon_MarketIntelligence_RobustReportingRobust Reporting Capabilities: Opportunity and risk focused indices, combined with key indicators, offer a closer look at internal and external performance, often with the option to drill down to claims-level detail.


Icon_MarketIntelligence_MappingCapabilitiesDynamic Dashboard: Strategic, comprehensive algorithms that mine your managed care portfolio and identify potential opportunities and quantify risk.

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