Physician Office Performance Manager is a performance management and benchmarking tool that helps health systems identify and prioritize opportunities for operational and cost management improvement across their physician office enterprise.

Leveraging the sophisticated functionality of iVantage Performance Manager™, this solution is unmatched in accuracy and process-engineered to create actionable, trackable and lasting performance improvement for hospital-owned physician offices. Physician Office Performance Manager’s unique capabilities enable physician leaders to:

  • Analyze office performance over time as well as in comparison to offices across a system and to physician offices
  • Review all costs (not just labor) to expose opportunities beyond FTEs and tradeoffs between labor and non-labor expenses.
  • Compare skill mix and staffing ratios to ensure the right skills are applied and available at the right times.
  • Benchmark costs and hours to assess physician group productivity performance against their peers.

This unique solution helps you cascade data, insights and priorities throughout your organization – so those close to operations can lead performance improvement from the ground up. Staff gain trust and acceptance of the data through a transparent and rigorous validation process, which then drives real performance improvement.

Whitepaper: Physician Practice Performance

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What Sets Physician Office Performance Manager Apart?

Icon_MarketIntelligence_ScenarioBasedForecastingPhysician Enterprise Comparisons: See the 10,000 ft. view of your enterprise (aggregate of cost and labor) as it compares to peers.


Icon_Solutions_PerformanceManager_PeerCollaborationSpecialty-based Comparisons: Identify a specialty’s cost and hours breakdown and find out how it compares to the same specialty across your peer group.


Icon_MarketIntelligence_TransparentComparableDataPhysician Office Comparisons: Drill into your specialties to see how your cost excess compares to your peers.





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