Engage with Others. Tap Industry Thought Leadership.

The iVantage KnowledgeWeb®, our integrated peer learning and sharing platform, allows healthcare staff from across the country to share stories, successes, best practices, ideas and initiatives. Our peer generated content is augmented with industry thought leadership including topical white papers and publications from both The Chartis Group and iVantage. The KnowledgeWeb includes over 1,000 client recommendations, content from 1,400 iConferences, and over 200 white papers; and our Knowledge Community, which includes over 7,500 members, 10,000 “answers” to performance improvement questions and challenges, and 160 communities of users.

The KnowledgeWeb improves your organization’s collaborative learning through:

Icon_Solutions_PerformanceManager_PeerCollaborationFacilitated collaboration – iVantage knows that having hospital staff make cold calls or post questions on a discussion board doesn’t yield robust knowledge sharing among peers. iVantage Knowledge Managers do the heavy lifting and encourage peer sharing through actionable, short surveys; department profiles; interactive webinars; and a curated library of solutions.

Icon_Solutions_PerformanceManager_SeamlessNavigationAligning peers and content into Knowledge Communities – Joining topical Knowledge Communities that are organized around functions, dimensions of performance and clinical conditions (Pharmacy, Patient Experience, Operating Room, Pneumonia and 120 more) means that invitations, results, best practices and user stories are tailored to users.

Icon_Solutions_PerformanceManager_UserExperienceParticipation via daily work – Healthcare workers are busy and your staff want to share and learn efficiently. We use e-mail to deliver relevant content and collaboration invitations, to query peers and provide results. KnowledgeWeb results are also available and easy to access within the platform, providing efficient workflow integration from within the tool.

Icon_MarketIntelligence_RobustReportingComprehensive solution library and idea database – Peer stories, successes, ideas, iConference recordings, surveys, white papers, documents and more are hosted in the KnowledgeWeb and available to users on demand. Relevant content from your Knowledge Communities is delivered to your inbox – and easily searchable from the KnowledgeWeb and integrated into iVantage Performance Manager.

Icon_Solutions_PerformanceManager_MulitpleViewsWe make it easy for your staff to share their good ideas, too – Peer learning and sharing is a two-way street. Our short, focused surveys and real-time webinars enable your team to share their successes with others quickly and easily. If any have an initiative you’d like to share, our Knowledge Managers can write up your story for your approval.

Icon_MarketIntelligence_ThoughtLeadershipThe KnowledgeWeb connects all staff interested in performance improvement, allowing you to readily engage many people in improving processes and care.


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