New Research from iVantage Health Analytics Delivers
Performance Assessment of U.S. Catholic Hospitals

PORTLAND, MAINE (June 9, 2015) –  As thousands of Catholic hospital leaders gather in Washington D.C. for the 2015 Catholic Health Assembly, iVantage Health Analytics, Inc. today released new findings assessing the performance of Catholic hospitals. Leveraging the Hospital Strength INDEX™, these findings reveal that the top tier of U.S. Catholic hospitals outperformed the 2015 HEALTHSTRONG Hospitals.

Each year, iVantage identifies and profiles all U.S. hospitals with consideration for the wellness, cost and population management effects in their markets. Using statistical clustering techniques to stratify the large aggregate of INDEX measures, the research revealed that, among the 4,334 hospitals studied, the benchmarks centered around five tiers of statistically significant performance. Hospitals rating in the top tier of overall performance are designated HEALTHSTRONG and 17% of this year’s 572 top tier hospitals are Catholic hospitals. These top hospitals performed better than their peers in managing population risk, achieved better outcomes, had higher patient satisfaction and lower costs, and are more financially stable. These strengths position Catholic hospitals as leaders in the shift from Volume to Value.

On the other end of the spectrum, 5% percent of Catholic hospitals fall into the Vulnerability INDEX, representing the bottom tier, underperforming U.S. hospitals. These vulnerable hospitals charge less, but cost more and have lower outpatient market share.

The Hospital Strength INDEX methodology, study abstracts and a state by state breakdown can be found on the new INDEX website,  To see the infographic depicting the Catholic hospital performance, visit the iVantage resources on the company website.

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