PORTLAND, Maine, July 29, 2014 – iVantage Health Analytics today announced the latest release of the Hospital Strength INDEX, the industry’s most comprehensive method for comparing hospital performance. The INDEX analysis encompasses a broad set of performance metrics and findings from this study highlight the preliminary impact of the ACA’s Medicaid expansion on hospitals in expansion and non-expansion states.

  • Overall non-Medicaid expansion states improved their median INDEX score by 0.6% while Medicaid expansion states median INDEX scores declined by (0.80%).
  • Among the 26 states that chose to expand their Medicaid programs, Hawaii realized the largest median INDEX increase of 10.7% and Minnesota realized the largest median INDEX decrease of (8.3%).
  • Among the states not expanding Medicaid programs, Idaho realized the largest median INDEX increase of 19.9%, and Mississippi realized the largest median INDEX decrease (10.7%)

“We have yet to see a material confirmation of the impact of the Medicaid expansions on the US hospital industry when using a balanced scorecard of institution performance,” commented John Morrow, executive vice president. “The analysis outlines noticeable changes occurring due to Medicaid expansion in certain states. Whether the future continues to magnify these impacts on hospitals across the country remains to be seen; the INDEX will continue to monitor these trends resulting from the expansion.”

The data used to produce the INDEX are available from public sources, primarily the federal government, and are frequently updated with the most recently available data. The scoring model aggregates hospital-specific data for 66 individual metrics and calculates percentile rankings based on performance in comparison to the 4,280 US hospitals in the study group.

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