Navigating the Next Generation of Healthcare Analytics

June 2, 2014
William Balfour

By John Legelis, Vice President, Technology Infrastructure.

John Legelis, Vice President, Technology InfrastructureThe adage, “you can’t manage what you can’t measure,” has never been more relevant in today’s healthcare. With the rapid movement toward shared risk and shared savings arrangements, any successful provider must have the ability to continuously measure and monitor performance against targets and goals, turning available data into actionable information and insights.

Thankfully, a wealth of data is available to help with these efforts, including administrative claims, clinical operations and payments, as well as public information, courtesy of new open data initiatives such as DocGraph and various other private and government sources.

For a company like iVantage, it’s an exciting time to be in the business of providing analytic services. The confluence of rapidly improving technology and reduced costs of computing has resulted in greater value and impact, enabling us to help our customers truly transform into ‘data-driven’ organizations.

If you don’t live and breathe technology, keeping pace with all of the new jargon can be challenging, and for some, even intimidating. I have found in my interactions with clients that a table such as the one below can be quite useful in bridging the knowledge gap and bringing clarity to the long-term benefits of ‘next generation computing.’

JL Chart_ViewPoints Blog

I hope you share our enthusiasm about the opportunities that exist today to leverage technology and business intelligence to inform all aspects of your clinical, functional, and financial decision making. In case you missed it, this recent article in Tech Page One, further spotlights the benefits of this technology in healthcare.

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