iVantage Market Intelligence™ is a strategic market intelligence platform offering best-in-class methodologies, meaningful metrics and elegant, dynamic visualizations.

Designed for hospitals and health systems, this sophisticated solution provides a comprehensive lens into market size, market share, outmigration, utilization, and network relationship trends. These analytics are delivered through dynamic dashboards and the industry’s only full-scale, interactive and web-based geospatial platform.

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What Sets Market Intelligence Apart?

Transparent and Comparable Data: All data, regardless of its source, is mapped to explicit standards and normalized. This guarantees that any comparison of a procedure, patient, or location is consistent and transparent. View data sources.


Icon_MarketIntelligence_VisualizationManipulationDataClear Visualization and Manipulation of Data: Integrated reporting helps users understand the interconnectedness of clinical and operational drivers of overall cost performance.


Icon_MarketIntelligence_RobustReportingRobust Reporting Capabilities: Structured reporting provides access to more than 100 market-based reports using simple click paths.



Icon_MarketIntelligence_MappingCapabilitiesIntuitive, Easy to Use Mapping Capabilities: Powered by the ESRI ArcGIS®, the platform enables users to investigate market trends and influences. A data-agnostic sandbox allows users to quickly create customized maps.


Icon_MarketIntelligence_ScenarioBasedForecastingScenario-based Forecasting: A sophisticated forecasting capability enables users to test the impact of demographics, utilization, clinical and technological factors on market demand and positioning.


Icon_Solutions_PerformanceManager_MulitpleViewsIntegrated Strategic Planning: Centralized documents, analytical bookmarks, custom analyses, and ad hoc modules give leaders and planners the ability to track, measure and report progress against strategic priorities.


Icon_MarketIntelligence_ThoughtLeadershipThought Leadership: Users gain access to the unrivaled advisory services and thought leadership of The Chartis Group, the country’s leading healthcare advisory services firm.

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