iVantage Offers State Rankings to Celebrate National Rural Health Day

October 30, 2012
iVantage Health

healthcare data analyticsNational Rural Health Day (NRHD) is a day to celebrate the tremendous accomplishments achieved in rural healthcare while also acknowledging present challenges and the necessary initiatives needed to overcome and adapt to an ever-changing healthcare landscape. iVantage is pleased to offer rural healthcare providers a program to recognize excellence across a broad spectrum of indicators relevant to hospital performance.

Hospital Strength Index only rating system to include all US hospitals

The Hospital Strength Index for NetworksTM provides a comprehensive program for comparing all U.S. general acute care hospitals across a continuum of financial, value-based and market-driven performance indicators based on publicly available data.  The Index aggregates data for over 50 individual metrics into eight (8) manageable categories to derive a single Hospital Strength IndexTM ranking.  It is the first rating system to include all 1,300+ Critical Access Hospitals.

Top Rural Hospital Performers

There is a lot to celebrate on National Rural Health Day on November 15th.  iVantage recognizes top quartile rural healthcare providers in every state:

103 Rural Hospitals are recognized as Health StrongTM TM ” Top quartile performer in the overall HSI score

262 Rural Hospitals are recognized for Excellence in Quality ” Top quartile performer in theTM  Value-Base pillar of the HSI Index. (AMI, HF, PN, SCIP, OP Process of Care Scores)

57 Rural Hospitals are recognized for Excellence in Outcomes ” Top quartile performer of Outcomes Index of the HSI. (Patient Safety Indicators, Readmissions, Mortality).

262 Rural Hospitals are recognized for Excellence in Patient Satisfaction ” Top quartile performer of the Patient Perspective Index of the HSI. (HCAHPS “Willingness to recommend” and “Overall Quality”)

464 Rural Hospitals are recognized for Excellence in Efficiency ” Top quartile performer of the Cost and Charge index of the HSI.


To celebrate the individual hospitals in your state that have achieved top quartile performance please contact either

Michael Topchik, Vice President
MTopchik@iVantageHealth.com TM  207-518-6705 TM  TM 

Greg Wolf, Vice President
GWolf@iVantageHealth.com TM 207-518-6702


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