Physician Enterprise Performance Manager is the Industry’s First Integrated
Benchmarking & Performance Management Platform Analyzing Patient Access and Cost Data 

Newton MA, March 20, 2019 – iVantage Health Analytics, a leading provider of performance management and analytic solutions for hospitals and healthcare systems, announced the launch of a new platform, Physician Enterprise Performance Manager. The platform is the industry’s first integrated benchmarking and performance management tool that analyzes patient access and cost data to help health system and physician leaders optimize the performance of their medical groups. iVantage developed the platform in collaboration with top-performing health systems and received strategic guidance from The Chartis Group. iVantage is a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Chartis Group, a comprehensive advisory and analytics consulting firm dedicated to the healthcare industry.

“We recognize the singular impact physician groups have on enterprise performance,” said Araby Thornewill, President of iVantage. “While health systems continue to make significant investments in building their base of employed and aligned physicians, many still struggle to understand the performance of the practices. Physician Enterprise Performance Manager gives organizations clarity into whether their providers are effectively utilizing existing capacity to promote timely access to care while meeting marketplace demands and supporting the health system’s strategic growth objectives.”

Physician Enterprise Performance Manager provides insight into opportunities to increase throughput and clinic volume, expand and improve capacity utilization, enhance patient experience and reduce operational costs. The platform identifies areas of opportunity for improvement by analyzing visit and volume patterns, timeliness of appointments and scheduling effectiveness. Additionally, via its integrated cost benchmarking feature, the platform identifies opportunities to achieve cost efficiencies in core and supporting practice operations, including the care team model.

“In our work with medical groups, we typically see that between 10% to 30% of provider capacity goes underutilized, and yet patients are still experiencing delays in being seen by primary care and specialty physicians,” said James Karpook, Principal at The Chartis Group. “These delays can prompt patients to seek care elsewhere; in today’s environment, medical groups cannot afford to fall short of patients’ expectations, nor can they afford to lose patients to competing providers. We’re excited to offer the industry access to an analytical and performance management platform that provides medical group leaders and managers with data and insight to improve their ability to see patients in an efficient, effective manner.”

The platform allows users to compare access and cost performance to industry peers at the enterprise and specialty levels. Further, the platform provides drill-downs within specialty by practice location and provider to highlight variation and identify specific improvement opportunities to better utilize capacity, grow patient volumes, reduce delays in access to care or reduce practice expenses. Physician Enterprise Performance Manager helps health systems and medical groups answer critical questions, including:

  • Are we optimizing the use of our current provider capacity and clinic resources?
  • Do we have sufficient capacity for new patients to allow us to grow our ambulatory volumes and increase referrals to strategically important inpatient services?
  • Do we have the right care model in place to promote optimal use of capacity and reduce delays in care?
  • Are we managing our portfolio of primary care and specialty care services to ensure that patients are seeing the right provider in the right setting in a timely manner?
  • Are we leveraging our practice-based and other supporting resources efficiently and effectively?

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iVantage Health Analytics, through proprietary analytics and modeling, helps healthcare organizations evaluate performance, identify opportunities for improvement, and manage success. iVantage’s solutions are designed to be foundational utilities for health systems, community hospitals, rural providers, and independent medical groups to manage their strategic, financial, operational, and clinical performance. In 2015, iVantage was acquired by the Chartis Group, a comprehensive advisory and analytics consulting firm dedicated to the healthcare industry. With an unparalleled depth of expertise in strategic planning, performance excellence, informatics and technology, and health analytics, Chartis helps leading academic medical centers, integrated delivery networks, children’s hospitals and healthcare service organizations achieve transformative results. To learn more, please visit