Drive Sustained Success

Indicator LogoValue and performance – the defining characteristics of the new healthcare. Knowing where you stand, where the opportunities are, and (perhaps most importantly) what it takes to optimize those opportunities, requires access to comprehensive operational, clinical, financial, population and market-based metrics.

One of the foundational components of the VantagePoints™ portfolio, INDICATOR Performance Manager™ offers intuitive Web-based dashboards and physician scorecards to pinpoint actionable opportunities to improve operational costs, clinical effectiveness, off-quality costs, and value-based purchasing.

Compare. Optimize. Perform.

INDICATOR provides you with the breadth and depth of functionality required to measure internal performance against your peers as well as advanced tools for monitoring performance. As a result, INDICATOR empowers you to create repeatable processes which contribute to long-term viability. Features include:

  • Functional Cost Review: Compares operational cost and productivity against an aggressive peer group to identify and quantify opportunities in productivity, staffing, skill mix, pay scale, non-labor expenses, agency labor and supplies.
  • Clinical Service Review: Provides a deeper understanding of clinical costs, practice variation, resource utilization and physician performance to improve care and cost.
  • Quality Benchmark: Integrates cost information with Process of Care and AHRQ Quality measures to help quantify the cost of ‘off-quality,’ identify the clinicians responsible for quality variation and establish appropriate actions.
  • Physician Scorecards: Compares internal peer-to-peer cost metrics, length of stay variations, readmission rates, utilization patterns, key quality issues and profitability.
  • Value-based Purchasing Calculator: Enables hospitals to calculate VBP scores and identify at risk Medicare reimbursements.
  • Patient Satisfaction Benchmark: Compares performance along each of the HCAHPS survey indicators, benchmarking against peers, state and national ratings, along with internal trend metrics.
  • Span of Control: A comprehensive management effectiveness toolset which enables hospitals to access organizational structure, identify fragmentation and determine future management needs.







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