We’re updating the PDS/INCONTROL file submission process

DataExchange is iVantage’s utility that facilitates the importing, mapping, validation and loading of files for PDS/INCONTROL and other applications within the VantagePointsTM platform. This update will take place in two phases:

  1. Transition Period: During the transition phase, you’ll first be presented with a lite version of DataExchange where you can upload your files. Your PDS/INCONTROL analyst will load the files to DataExchange and contact you with your validation reports for review. After your approval, your analyst will ensure the files are submitted and processed.
  2. Go-Live: After successful completion of the transition period above, you will be trained on DataExchange and given full access to upload data, view validation reports, and approve files for processing. There will limited need for analyst intervention, however we will always be available to provide assistance.

Accessing DataExchange

  1. To launch DataExchange and upload your first file(s), please log into the PDS/INCONTROL website.
  2. Once logged in, click on the DATAEXCH link in PDS/INCONTROL as seen below:
  3. Select and submit your file(s) in DataExchange.