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When ‘What if?’ Becomes ‘What Now?’

Apr 29 2016

The ramifications of UnitedHealthcare’s decision to exit ACA exchanges extends well beyond the impact on consumers or to the competitive imbalance the departure will create in a number of markets.

How to Get from Point A to Point B in your Market

Mar 17 2016

When trying to get from Point A to Point B, you realize just how ‘static’ certain aspects of the strategic planning function remain.

New Year’s Resolution for Managed Care – Eight Key Steps to Success

Jan 08 2016

We’ve got eight tips that will help you extract greater value from your managed care contracts in 2016.

Are you Swimming in (Actionable) Data?

Dec 04 2015

By John Whittlesey, Vice President of Client Services As we look across the healthcare landscape at the end of 2015, two questions rise prominently to…

National Rural Health Day 2015: Vulnerability to Value

Nov 19 2015

The blueprint for sustainability has been written. Now it’s time to apply the lessons learned and help more rural hospitals make the leap from vulnerability to value.

Patient Satisfaction: The Best Place to Start

Nov 11 2015

To keep ahead of rural health challenges, executives must make difficult decisions and prioritize their improvement initiatives. No other area offers a better quick-win for improvement than patient satisfaction.

The Clock is Ticking

Nov 04 2015

By 2018, we expect to see as much as 90% of Medicare payments tied to value. With the clock ticking, hospitals wishing to maximize incentives for VBP need to begin managing value today.

National Rural Health Day 2015: Quality Wins

Oct 29 2015

Although not yet instituted at CAHs, the message to all hospitals from Medicare is clear: Quality and cost of care are now more important than ever.

Payor-Provider Disputes Are on the Rise. Who Will Win?

Sep 28 2015

If hospitals are going to make any headway in preserving revenue, they have to start making some noise, gaining confidence with data, and capturing better outcomes at the negotiating table.

Hospital Bad Debt: How to Alleviate Some of the Pressure

Aug 14 2015

Yes, the ACA is succeeding in moving many people from the ranks of the uninsured to the ranks of the insured, and that translates into fewer charity cases. But an end to bad debt? Not by a long shot.

Why Did We Go to the Rural Medicine Hackathon?

Mar 27 2015

The Rural Medicine Hackathon served as a unique opportunity to help rural healthcare providers and our clients advance new solutions at a critical moment for rural healthcare.

Road to Better Payor Outcomes Starts with Knowing Where You Stand

Mar 20 2015

Everyone wants tips and tidbits they can take to their next payor negotiation. But winning at the negotiation table isn’t as simple as ‘try this’ or ‘try that.’ You have really got to know where you stand.

The Rallying Cry for Rural Hospitals

Feb 06 2015

by Michael Topchik, Senior Vice President, iVantage  Vulnerability: At this week’s Rural Health Policy Institute in Washington, DC, we presented key findings from our INDEX…

CMS Announces Value-Based Bombshell – What’s the Impact on Rural Hospitals?

Feb 03 2015

In rural healthcare, do value-based purchasing programs deserve their ‘ominus’ reputation?

Turn Your Next Managed Care Contract Negotiation into a Two-Way Street

Jan 20 2015

If hospitals are going to make any headway in preserving net patient revenue or pursuing strategic growth opportunities, then they have to start capturing better outcomes at the negotiating table.

Convenient Care on Every Corner. How will Hospitals Compete?

Dec 16 2014

With the emergence of retail-based ‘minute clinics’ and unaffiliated urgent care centers, the very notion of the competitive landscape for hospitals is changing.

Building the Blueprint for Rural’s Future

Dec 16 2014

While rural healthcare faces many challenges and uncertainty, there is a real sense of collaboration and commitment to solving complex issues.

Four Immediate Steps for Making the Move from FFS to Managing Health

Dec 08 2014

Healthcare leaders have long been living in conflicting worlds governed by contrary incentives. But now there’s a twist.

Are You Ready to Find Your Voice?

Oct 20 2014

Today we’re leveling the playing field for hospitals with the launch of INCONTROL.

Collaboration and Determination Carry the Day at 2014 NRHA Critical Access Hospital Conference

Oct 10 2014

Rural hospitals may face uncertainty, but the recent NRHA CAH Conference showed just how determined rural health leaders are when it comes to sustaining their mission.

Optimism Bloomed at The Economist Health Care Forum

Oct 01 2014

The Economist Health Care Forum in Boston explored the global state of flux in healthcare and their optimism for the future shined.

What it Takes to Improve Your Financial Performance – How to Engage your Physicians

Sep 17 2014

By Linda Albery, EdD, RN, Senior Director, iVantage Health Analytics. As the country’s healthcare systems experience further declines in reimbursement and looming downgrades, the spotlight…

Tested leadership lessons from the front lines

Sep 05 2014

The U.S. military experiences a nearly 40% turnover in personnel on a yearly basis yet keeps on ticking. There’s a lesson in 7 key tenets any hospital can apply.

California May Grab the Headlines but Need to Address Price Transparency is National

Aug 29 2014

Dealing with price transparency is like driving on the highway; you want to exceed the speed limit but not to such an extent as to draw the attention of law enforcement.

What’s in Your Big Data? The Art and Science of Designing for Answers

Aug 01 2014

by Jeremy Naiden, Product Manager Here’s a question for you: What do big data, pink slime, and yoga mat chemicals have in common? They’re mysterious…

A Brave New World of Transparency

Jul 25 2014

In this era of price transparency, hospital executives must possess the confidence to highlight areas where they are better than the industry average and working to close the gap in areas where they are not.

What Hospitals Can Learn from Alcoa

Jul 10 2014

Hospital leaders all want to cut costs, raise our patient satisfaction scores, improve quality, reduce re-admissions, grow volume, ensure we have enough revenue to continue serving our community, etc. But what is your organization’ top priority and which habits need to change?

What Hospitals Can Learn from Alcoa

Jul 10 2014

By Leslie Gold, Director Revenue Optimization Solutions. When Paul O’Neill took over Alcoa in 1987, market share had been slipping, profits were down, and the…

Achieving and Measuring Patient Satisfaction

Jul 08 2014

First Earn their Satisfaction with Compassion Did you know that by reducing the anxiety your patients feel when they enter your facility helps in their…

Community Hospitals – Seven Tips to Encourage Innovation

Jun 26 2014

By Shelley Burns, Vice President. Community Hospitals “independent hospitals of ~300 beds and less have to tackle the same issues as their big-bed brothers or…

Measuring to the Mission

Jun 11 2014

By Troy Brown, Client Relations Manager. We have all seen the carefully constructed mission statements, whether emblazoned on a lobby plaque or posted on the…

Navigating the Next Generation of Healthcare Analytics

Jun 02 2014

By John Legelis, Vice President, Technology Infrastructure. The adage, “you can’t manage what you can’t measure,” has never been more relevant in today’s healthcare. With…

Best Healthcare Cities: What Separates the Best from the Rest?

May 08 2014

Since we introduced the 2014 edition of the Hospital Strength INDEX back in March, we’ve been getting questions from a lot of interested folks about…

Just How Well Do Rural Hospitals Perform in the New Healthcare?

Apr 22 2014

Michael Topchik, Vice President The results may surprise you. Misconceptions – if voiced long and loudly enough – will over time be interpreted as fact.…

Using Big Data to Improve Healthcare Outcomes

Apr 16 2014

With Big Data, the challenge lies in effectively analyzing data to better understand the cycle of care, implement the necessary improvements and ultimately, improve patient outcomes and keep cost low.

What’s Taking the Nurse Away from the Patient Bedside?

Apr 11 2014

Responses to a recent iVantage nursing survey sheds new light on how to best to remove obstacles to greater efficiency.

Within You the Answer is…

Mar 28 2014

All staff members can be engaged in improving processes, costs, quality and outcomes for your hospital. Doing so will help you grow your organizational capacity for change and improvement, just what you need to thrive in the new healthcare.

New Healthcare. New Security.

Mar 18 2014

Hospitals large and small are being forced to reexamine their security postures in response to new regulations (like the HITECH Act) and increased scrutiny around data breaches.

Are You Ready for Smart Data?

Feb 21 2014

Data that is not relevant can’t possibly be useful. More importantly, the analytics we use must find insight that is actionable – if you can’t take action against it, it’s not useful.

How to Make Meaningful Performance Improvement

Feb 14 2014

With such tremendous pressures and the urgent need to solve complex problems quickly, we do ourselves a disservice if we don’t take the time to articulate a foundational set of principles for basing performance improvement initiatives.

How to Manage the Impact of Sequestration

Feb 07 2014

Many hospitals will need to act quickly to address the long-term impact of sequestration cuts.

How 6 Easy Changes Can Reduce ED Wait Times

Jan 31 2014

How many times have you been to the Emergency Department and had to sit in the waiting room for what seemed like forever?

Clinical Utilization: The Third Rail in Supply Chain Management

Jan 21 2014

I’m puzzled as to why hospitals are confounded by the fact that their supply costs benchmark well above their peers.

Rural Hospital Care Delivers the Best of Patient Experiences

Jan 14 2014

Those of us who work in rural healthcare are very fortunate, in that we know our patients. I mean REALLY know our patients. We know their birthdays, their family members (by name); we have celebrated births and deaths, and have broken bread at many community suppers. It truly is a large extended family, warts and all.


Jan 08 2014

This time of year, no doubt, you’ve made a few resolutions, such as Be more organized or Do a better job of planning ahead. How about applying those resolutions to the way you manage your revenue? It takes just a few hours early in the year and you’ll prepare your organization to bring in the additional revenue you need to continue serving your community.