iVantage offers healthcare providers the only fully integrated web-based business intelligence platform for strategic planning, payment optimization and performance benchmarking. We’re helping hospitals across the country – large and small – to maintain their commitment to deliver high-quality care at lower cost.

In this new healthcare environment, acquiring the confidence necessary to make informed strategic decisions can only come when you have comprehensive and accurate business intelligence. Only iVantage provides that lens.

Making the Best Better

Founded in 2011, iVantage has grown to serve hundreds of national, regional and local providers. In November 2015, iVantage became part of The Chartis Group. Chartis is the largest strategic advisory firm dedicated to providing healthcare thought leadership, decision support and services to enterprise leadership. Chartis is recognized for their leading-edge knowledge of healthcare economics, markets, clinical models and technology.

iVantage is excited to now be a part of The Chartis Group. Chartis brings to iVantage greater access to data, industry expertise and best practices. As a result, iVantage will be able to bring its clients more powerful leading-edge health analytic and decision support tools. We are excited. We hope you are too. Click here to learn more about The Chartis Group and their leadership team.


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