HSI V1As a HEALTHSTRONG™ Hospital you’ve joined an elite group of hospitals who are thriving within the new healthcare. Over the course of the last 12 months, this industry has continued to evolve in dramatic fashion, and the HEALTHSTRONG Hospitals are leading the way for delivering higher quality care at lower cost.

The 2014 HEALTHSTRONG Hospitals: View complete list.

According to the 2014 INDEX, more hospitals than ever before are achieving sustained benchmark performance – so much so that the notion of limiting the designation of ‘top hospital’ to 100 does not apply to the realities of the new healthcare. Today, more than 500 hospitals are performing at a level worthy of being identified as a HEALTHSTRONG Hospital.

Your designation as a 2014 HEALTHSTRONG Hospital provides you with an immediate opportunity to differentiate your hospital from peers and local competitors, creates a source of accomplishment among staff, and sends a powerful message to your community.

We have developed a number of marketing-related tools to help you spread the word about this achievement to your internal team as well as media and your communities. If we can be of any assistance – whether it’s by providing a detailed review of your facility’s INDEX scores, presenting the findings to employees or even Boards of Directors – we are here to help.

To request a copy of the HEALTHSTRONG Marketing Kit – which includes standard and high resolution files of the HEALTHSTRONG logo and a customizable press release template, please complete this form. There is no fee associated with touting your status as a HEALTHSTRONG Hospital.

To learn more about the INDEX Analytics Package, which offers a detailed performance assessment of not only your facility but your primary competitors as well, click here.



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